Flair by MR is a Portuguese brand that was created in 2020, during the pandemic, in Porto.

It was designed for all women to feel confident and be able to express themselves through their looks.

All pieces are produced in-house and in Portugal to ensure the best possible quality and contribute to a more conscious consumption of fashion.

Flair was conceived and created by the digital influencer Mariana Ribeiro. Her passion for the world of fashion and entrepreneurship was what made her start creating this brand at the age of 20.

With the aim of bringing a little bit of what she created in digital to real life, Mariana was inspired by everything she has lived, in all her adventures, to design all the brand's collections.

our values

Our 3 most important values: Sustainable and local production, Transparency and Quality.

Flair appears with the purpose of appealing to a more sustainable and conscious consumption of fashion so that we can all reduce our ecological footprint. In this way, all Flair pieces are produced in Portugal and in limited quantities.

All our pieces are produced by hand, with the best materials, ensuring high durability.

Thank you for choosing Flair. Together we will work to make a positive impact on the world we live in.